1. When are tryouts held?

A. Tryouts are held before the start of our playing seasons, once before spring and the other before the start of our fall season. Most of our tryouts during the year are for players looking to transition for a recreational team to a competitive travel team, or for former club players who are not affiliated with a travel club. We will host an open tryout for all competitive club players who are looking to tryout our programs, those occur during official tryout windows in May.

2. If I miss the tryout windows can my son/daughter still make a team?

A. Yes, if you are currently not affiliated with a travel club, you may attend one of our practice sessions throughout the year.

3. What should players expect during a tryout session?

A. Think of our tryouts as a player placement exercise, with our coaches gathering as many notes and opinions on a player as possible to facilitate placement. This process often times includes talks with parents and current coaches of teams to better understand a player's development needs or opportunities to make a team and get reasonable playing time.

Please encourage players to relax and have fun at tryouts. While ECFC is a highly competitive travel club with some of the best teams in all Northern California, depending on the age group and established teams, our attempt it to find an age and level appropriate team for your kids.  There are a number of coaches present to make sure the day is fun, and all players get a chance to play and demonstrate both their abilities.

4. How will I know if my son/daughter make a team?

A. If our coaches are able to find a good fit with an established team, they will reach out within the week to provide further enrollment details. If our club is not able to find a team that fits well at the moment, we will still reach out with a notice on possible recommendations outside of our programs. We would encourage that they continue to attend further tryouts each year as teams are always changing or new ones developing so a fit might be right around the corner.  Ideally we are able to find the team with the proper level of competition for your son or daughter to get the maximum playing time possible and best opportunity to develop. However, not all of our playing divisions have multiple teams per age group so at times this task is hard to accomplish with the team already fielding maximum roster sizes or playing in a division that is either to high or too low for the level of play your son or daughter needs.

5. If a players is already on a team do they still need to attend the tryout?

A. We recommend that all players attend tryouts even those who are part of the club. This allows coaches the opportunity to see how current players might fit together with new ones and how potential new players do against the best players already with the club.​

6. What should players wear or bring to tryouts?

A. Every player should arrive with proper outdoor soccer attire and ready to play: soccer cleats, shine guards, socks, and shorts are recommended. Please have players bring bottle water as they will be engaging in multiple scrimmage sessions.

7. I do not see a tryout for my age group, how can a player join a team?

A. If you don't see your age group more than likely those teams are not actively needing players. However, there are still opportunities to make a team by attending a team practice and allowing the coach to see you in action. Please reach out by visiting out contacts page to inquire about practice time and location for such teams.

8. Do I need to register ahead of time?

A. No, just show and complete the one page wavier and contact information application available onsite. We would recommend that you show 30 minutes before each session to allow enough time to complete the form. If you would like the form ahead of time please email us at:

Some other important notices on out tryouts:

All players MUST tryout based upon their birth year. No exceptions. A player may be invited to "play up" based on their demonstrated playing ability, but such decisions are at the sole discretion of the coaching staff. Finally and most important, please keep in mind that our decisions on players making a team or not are made with the best intentions and interest of the players. Team placement is designed to provide the player the best opportunity to reach their potential while keeping participation fun and challenging.


Want to be a part of one of the most successful boys and girls soccer clubs in all Northern California, well ECFC is a great fit for you. With over 28 teams combined in Under 7-Under 18 ages groups, we look forward to finding a team and level of competition best suited for your kids.

We invite you to come to any of our tryout events throughout the year, they are a great way to meet other kids and parents in our program, meet our coaches, and learn more about our club.

These events are an excellent way to help us create new teams for next season, by bringing together players of similar age and ability. Certain teams and age groups will also look to add new players. With no cost for our tryouts, just show up, play, and have fun! Please contact us with any questions before the events. No preregistrations required, forms will be completed upon arrival during each event. Please have all kids ready with proper soccer attire including shorts, long socks, shin guards, and soccer cleats. In addition to plenty of water to hydrate during breaks of play.

Who For:  Boys and Girls who may be interested in playing travel soccer

Ability Level:  All levels are welcome,  beginner / recreational to advanced

When/Where:  Schedules will be posted during approved tryout windows by age groups:

Next tryout: For all current recreational players or former club players not affiliated with a travel club:

Born (2013-2008) : Monday November 11, 2019 Rabobank Stadium in Salinas 5:15pm-6:45pm

Born (2007-2006): Monday November 11, 2019 Rabobank Stadium in Salinas 7:00pm-8:45pm