Boys and Girls Youth Soccer Club – Salinas & Monterey County

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The reason behind our clubs success and continual growth, a true testament to all their hard work and dedication. A passion for the game, with an eagerness to always find a valuable teaching moment both on and off the field.                                                  JOIN TODAY


Qualified Staff


ECFC offers qualified, licensed coaching to its members. We require all coaches to complete the Grassroots Courses and Safe Sport safety modules offered by United States Soccer Federation's (USFF) Digital Coaching Center (DCC). In addition to completing all the necessary background checks as required by our playing leagues. These are all prerequisites as our coaches work through higher levels of USFF certifications and licenses during their tenure with our club. Coaches who will be participating with teams in our most competitive leagues once teams ages reach U13 and above, will be required to attain their USSF D License. 


All Our Coaches

Sergio Herrera- Director of Coaching

Adrian Moreno

Isidro Garcia

Julio Sanchez

Alvaro Reyes

Dany Pulido

Edgar Ramirez

Juan Avila

Juan Hernandez

Joni Cruz

Brenda Garcia

Jose L. Gonzalez

Juan Casique

Guillermo Reyes

Juan Reyes

Jesus Hernandez

Pablo Figueroa

Gerardo Villegas

Miguel Lizaola

Guillermo Rocha

Chris Marinez

Jaime Garcia

Lino Sanchez

Diego Soto

Current Teams and Coaches

TBD- United

Juan Reyes- Chivitas

  1. Adrian Moreno- United
  2. Fernando Ortiz-Chivitas
  3. Cesar Rojas- United Red
  1. Daniel Puga- Union
  2. Juan Casique-Chivitas
  3. Jaime Garcia-Atletico
  4. Horacio Gomez- Integrity

Gerardo Villegas- Evolution

  1. Dany Pulido- Pumas
  2. Guillermo Reyes- Chivitas

Jesus Hernandez- Necaxa

  1. Alvaro Reyes- Necaxa

Julio Sanchez, Israel Moreno- Necaxa

  1. Juan Hernandez- Real Madrid

Joni Cruz- United

  1. Sergio Hererra- United NPL
  2. Jose Gonzalez- United

Pablo Figueroa- United

Arnulfo Velasquez- United

Lino Sanchez- United

Miguel Lizaola, Jorge Gonzalez, Fernando Rizo – United

Miguel Lizaola, Jorge Gonzalez, Fernando Rizo – United

  1. Sergio Hererra- United 
  2. Brenda Garcia- United Red

Chris Moreno- United

Julio Sanchez, Monique Paniagua- United

  1. Edgar Ramirez- Leoncitas Black
  2. Edgar Ramirez- Leoncitas White

Edgar Ramirez- Leoncitas

Anna Gutierrez- Reign