Boys and Girls Youth Soccer Club – Salinas & Monterey County

Mission & Vision

To provide a platform in which our youth can learn the game of soccer, and other life-enriching lessons, in a positive and safe environment. Develop our programs to become a vehicle for our youth to gain self-esteem and confidence, while promoting a higher education, health and fitness, fair competition, and good sportsmanship. Educating our players using a developmentally appropriate curriculum with qualified coaching. Establishing a progressive local club while maintaining an organization which our community can be proud of.




Ambition, Passion, Respect

Determination, Discipline, Dedication

Community, Commitment, Teamwork 


Service & Honesty

Integrity & Leadership

Shared Responsibility & Perseverance

While teaching the game of soccer to our youth is one of the principal goals, the core objective is that through these programs we inspire and engage our youth to strive for a higher education, and ultimately become positive contributing citizens of our community.
Julio Sanchez ECFC Board Member
We aim at offering well organized competitive soccer practices, games, camps, and clinics in high quality facilities with all the necessary training tools, equipment, and qualified coaching.
Sergio Herrera, ECFC Director of Coaching