Boys and Girls Youth Soccer Club – Salinas & Monterey County

Code of Conduct: Coaches

A coach is an influential figure to our youth, and must always remember the positive impact they can make on a child’s life. ECFC is committed to holding all coaches to a high standard of integrity and compassion, allowing our players to feel confident about their potential in soccer and in life.

Explain and remind parents what is expected of them and their children.

Refrain from open arguments with referees and other coaches.

Encourage parents to support the team with their presence as much as possible.

Provide necessary guidance and equipment at games and practices.

Provide a positive role model for their players and parents, by consistently acting in a positive, controlled and mature manner expected of an ECFC coach.

Demonstrate good sportsmanship and maintain a proper perspective on the purpose of soccer, namely, participation is for the enjoyment and benefit of the players (not the adults).

Apply for and earn grassroots licensing and certification as a minimum, seeking continued education in licensing programs as establish by US Soccer.

Maintain the safety and wellbeing of their players.

Treat all players in a FAIR and CONSISTENT manner.

Refrain from making negative comments about other coaches, players, parents and referees.

Be prepared to deal with injuries in a timely manner.

Maintain a consistent practice schedule that is both fun and challenging for the players.