Boys and Girls Youth Soccer Club – Salinas & Monterey County


Code of Conduct: Players


We are a club, an extended family, and as such we should all do our part in acting responsibly both on and off the field.  Let’s help collectively in holding each other accountable to the same high level of standards. As players we expect the best behavior from you as you represent this club, this city, and community.   

Focus on doing your best in school.

Play by the rules of the game.

In victory or defeat remain respectful to referees, teammates, and opponents.

Look for ways to be of service to others in need and your community.

Remain respectful toward other players, coaches, referees and spectators.

Never argue or complain about referees’ calls or decisions.

Make every effort to attend ALL practices and games and arrive on time.

Communicate with your coach when missing practices, games, or meetings.

Give 100% effort at practice, and games.

Refrain from using profane or vulgar language.

Lead a healthy lifestyle by making healthy food choices.

Do not partake in illegal drug, alcohol or tobacco use.